Vincent Boehringer

Vincent Boehringer is a young director and photographer whose work is characterised by his pursuit of purity and his search for precision, using his passion for immersing himself in the unknown. His curiosity-driven talent leads him to create stunning visual concepts, which he combines with a keen eye for composition, a strong sense of rhythm and well crafted narratives. 

After completing his bachelor’s degree in scenic directing in Berlin, he studied commercial directing at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Before moving back to Berlin where he is based at the moment. 

Vincent is at the forefront of a new generation of directors who want to enrich the field of moving images through sophisticated stories and outstanding images, immersing his shots in rich colours and textures often found in analogue film. 

Vincent’s approach of using experimental techniques with beautiful results has lead him to direct commercials for well known brands like: Nike, Range Rover, Miu Miu, Carhartt and Rimowa. 

Selected Work

Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf


hide & seek

hide & seekSHORT FILM


climaxxxMIU MIU

working on society

working on societyCARHARTT

the voyager

the voyagerRANGE ROVER

the point of no return

the point of no returnSHORT FILM