Owen Black

Owen started his career working in a video store and as cinema projectionist while still at school. Before he turned 18 he had already directed numerous music videos for his friends bands.

He went on to study film making at university and added screen-writing to his many talents.  His short films, were quickly noticed by the producers of the iconic series, Top Gear.  Owen went on to direct five whole seasons which paved the way for his next step, directing award winning car commercials.

His short film “Two Laps,” won multiple awards on the international festival circuit which in turn lead to his Netflix Original film “Go Karts” in 2020.

He comes from a long line of actors which gives him an instinctive knack for casting and character direction.  Owen is also known for his use of in-camera vfx to create instantly readable stories across all media. His eye for great performance and timing drives most of his work and he uses comedy as a device to move the story forward. His work is proof that brands which entertain and inform get their message across.

His huge success across the entire board of the film industry proves that Owen is that rare breed, a director able tell a story in short commercial format and also keep viewers hooked to the screen in short-film, series and feature film formats.

Selected Work



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