Matthew Swanson

Matthew Swanson is known for delivering pitch-perfect comedic performances with a truly distinctive visual style.

After attending film school in Montreal, he begged, borrowed, and maybe stole a little bit (unconfirmed) to make his short film “Hiro,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival before going on to win numerous awards, including Best Short at SXSW and a Canadian Academy Award nomination. He began directing commercials shortly after that.

Since then, he has worked on a number of notable clients and campaigns, including Coke and for Wieden+Kennedy, Little Caesar’s and Pop Secret for Barton F. Graf, a semi-controversial series of spots for Radio Shack out of GSD&M, and, most recently, Comcast with GS+P and Sprint with Droga 5.

While Matthew enjoys directing, his true passion is singing, which, unfortunately, he is terrible at. He was once asked to leave a Berlin Karaoke bar in the middle of attempting to sing Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights.” His constant threat of a year-long hiatus to take full-time voice lessons is generally ignored by his various Executive Producers both at Markenfilm and abroad.

Selected Work

lama drama

lama dramaBOSCH

gym revised


laundry cat


bee beard

bee beardSAN DIEGO ZOO


let the song playSPOTIFY