Marvin Kren

Vienna born and raised Marvin kick- started his directing career in 2010 with his debut „Rammbock“ the highly acclaimed zombie movie which regularly features in the top ten of all zombie movies of all time.

As the film title suggests, Marvin’s second feature-film “Blutgletscher“ (Blood Glacier) also could not exactly be billed as rom-com. By now Marvin’s reputation as the go- to director for gore had reached the TV world and Marvin was invited to direct three episodes of Germany’s cult TV crime show “Tatort” before going on to direct the stunning“Mordkommision Berlin 1″ about a crime case in Berlin in the roaring 1920s.

Berlin remained the location for his next series “4 Blocks” but a century later with plot revolving around the troubled leader of a criminal gang navigating the multi-cultural underworld.

With also couple of Grimme and Deutsche TV awards under his belt and having proved that he is a master of crime, suspense and thrillers Marvin turned his hand at comedy as author and director of “Der Weisse Kobold” which was shot in 2021 and is hitting the screens in 2022.

Marvin is a proven master of suspense. With this latest film we’re looking forward to smiling instead of getting goose bumps and are intrigued to see which genre he masters next.

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