Ed McCulloch

Ed has been immortalised with a life-size impact transfer in the internal fire door of the Markenfilm Hamburg office after crashing into it seconds before a PPM. He navigated the meeting with light concussion and recommends the experience of being one’s own stunt-double wholeheartedly.

Before gaining the enviable status of stuntman and film director Ed studied at the Miami Ad School and then started his career as an agency art director. This background is evident in his attention to casting, locations, wardrobe, art direction, lighting and above all composition. He works closely with his actors to draw natural and seemingly effortless performances out of them.

“I like storytelling that’s emotional and honest,” Ed explains, “particularly stories that inspire a change in behaviour. I want to make the viewer feel something, to evoke a response and help them see connections to what’s going on in their own lives. I do a lot of research into my subjects and inject my own life experience into the storytelling. I also believe strongly in collaborating and look for that in the team and talent I work with. Together we make things I could never create on my own, and that approach has always benefited my clients. That’s a big part of the beauty and magic of film.”

Selected Work

surprisingly safe

surprisingly safeHYUNDAI



little hollywood

little hollywoodTRAILER

heart of justice


what do you see

what do you seeOAKLEY

natureIs the most precious gift

act beautifulYVES ROCHER