Dugan O’Neal

Dugan O’Neal is an award-winning commercial, music video and television director/writer based in Los Angeles. His work combines bold, quirky comedy with a deft touch of cinema.

Dugan’s irrepressible sense of humour and precise comic timing ensures that no matter whether it is just a phone call with him or an entire film shoot, you come out of the experience with more laughter lines than you started with.

Connoisseurs and fans of his work appreciate his many cameos which see Dugan slip into a variety of roles all of which add an additional level of authenticity and absurdity.

Dugan’s prolific output includes music videos, commercials, insta stories worthy of broadcast and features. He is currently shortlisted to direct a film chronicling the life of Vanilla Ice. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Selected Work

not going into the game

not going into the gameCOORS LIGHT



smoke show

smoke showBUD LIGHT

self care

self care made easyCAL FLOWERS

cashew talker

cashew talkerPLANTERS

sorry, the chainsmokers are back

sorry, the chainsmokers are backSHORT FILM