Christian Holm Glad

Norwegian-based director, Christian Holm Glad, started working on music promos in 2004, for which he won numerous awards worldwide, and then went towards directing advertising.

In 2017 Christian became the first Norwegian in several hundred years to catch the Black Plague. This happened while shooting in Kazakhstan because he took off his safety equipment to get a better shot of an infected rat.

He has also sung in Norway’s most famous boys’ choir and created a company where music video directors make science visual.

With a very sensitive and human approach, his work highlights Holm Glads‘ critical eye and unconventional sense of humor. He is a veteran of international film festivals, receiving nominations and awards from festivals across the globe.

Selected Work

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the nordic sound

the nordic soundSSO



everything is better with music

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kygo music maker

everything is better with musicTELIA

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